Hatsune Miku エイリアンエイリアン (Alien Alien) ♥ English Version - MikuPoiツ

Apr 12, 2018

Hatsune Miku エイリアンエイリアン (Alien Alien) ♥ English Version

Song title
  • "エイリアンエイリアン"
  • English: Alien Alien
Uploaded April 5, 2016, with 3,700,000+ Niconico views and 1,500,000+ YouTube views
  • ❖ Hatsune Miku ❖
  • Nayutan Seijin (music, lyrics)
Hatsune Miku エイリアンエイリアン (Alien Alien)
The trembling streetlights, the pelting rain that falls with a crash
Warmth excites an emotional telepath
In the night, the lost two finally made contact
My heart learned of the human concept known as love
T-T-T-Tight rope, a uniform of stitched creation
It provokes a discommunication
Glint of hope? No, actually just a flashing of red
Something’s coming: I’ve got this endless sense of dread
Alien, yes I’m an alien
I come in peace but lead your defenseless heart astray
Within the melding gravity of the Milky Way
Deeply I could sense those feelings
Beating, leading
Alien, that’s right, I’m your alien
Your heart strings pulled and deftly lulled, I’ve caught a shooting star
Here, have an un-experience so your heart
Can blast off to another planet
Thumping, pumping, loving
Rays of dense radiance
On and off so simultaneous
UFO you don’t know
Quietly the otherworldly eats at you so
Intersect at point X
Parallel farewell as the signals connect
Falsely-made okayed disorder, sight and drive concur
Syndrome, in solitude, each night behind bars
All alone, a daydream turns it to a grimoire
Mystery drone, a bright light shone, avoid the radar
Do you truly want me to tell you everything?
Alien, yes I’m an alien
I come in peace but lead your defenseless heart astray
Staring into a pair of eyes gravity escaped,
Today you’ll see what I am really…
Alien, that’s right I’m your alien
Keep touching that wound and it’s doomed to turn into a scar
‘Cause every meteor that hits the Earth leaves a mark
Disaster looming past the blue sky
Keeps me alive
Alien, the two of us aliens,
This pounding feeling between us still unidentified
A wonder to the universe, you and I
Supernatural yet super natural
How I’ll always love you